Minerals used in isotopic dating

11-Oct-2017 20:54

The resulting ions are then transferred into a mass spectrometer that separates them according to their mass/charge ratios.

Most instruments scan across a range of mass numbers, measuring each isotope sequentially.

Samples may vary from raw materials, intermediates, process chemicals and solvents to finished products, so analytical techniques must be able to handle a wide range of sample matrices.

Any procedure used must also comply with the quality protocols used in the pharmaceutical industry such as US FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The ideal analytical technique for the elemental analysis of pharmaceutical products combines the ability to measure a wide range of elements at trace levels and the wide dynamic range needed to handle higher concentrations.Scientific evidence plays a vital role in today’s justice system: many high profile criminal investigations reach their conclusions almost entirely on this evidence.Many branches of science are employed in accumulating forensic evidence, from highly publicized techniques like DNA profiling to pathology, botany and of course chemical analysis.Very satisfying isotope ratio precisions, between 0.5 and 0.04% relative, depending on the isotope ratio in question were found during the simultaneous multi-isotope ratio measurements.

Together with a brief description of the system and measurement procedures employed for this technical note, the results achieved are assessed in view of other existing ICP-MS-based isotope ratio techniques.The new SPECTRO MS is the world’s first fully simultaneous ICP-MS system.

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